Unleash The Power Of Music For Digital Fitness

Access a commercial music library of over 17,000 songs. Our top 50 artists average 500K monthly listeners and represent over 2.5 billion streams. Diverse, high quality, relevant music for any type of fitness class.


Stream. Record.

Craft your playlist the way you like it. Pick song segments, and speed them up. Stream it live, or record it for on-demand. Everything you need for the best class experience.

With over 17,000 tracks, billions of streams, and intuitive discovery, you'll find the perfect songs for your class. Search with your favorite artist or vibe.


Great Music.

Just one click to license a playlist. Monthly billing and detailed reporting make integration into your business process seamless.


Affordable Licensing.

Empower Your Instructors

Everything you need, built into one platform

Secure, customizable music library

Rich music curation (song segments, BPM customization)

Full featured mobile client

Simple, affordable monthly billing based on usage

One click licensing for live and on demand

Patented music discovery

Join The Early Adopters

SyncFloor is the future of music licensing for the fitness industry

Chris Sanborn

COO at The Class

"I just want to go up to a machine, put my money in, and get great music for my business. SyncFloor made it that easy."

“I’ve been in the fitness industry for 14 years and SyncFloor is a game changer. Music is so critical and SyncFloor elevates our ability to program with a whole new level of quality and creativity. ”

Bergen Wheeler

Head of Innnovation at Bande

Try Our Patented Music Discovery

"Shake your body at a dancehall party. Vibey like Rihanna's Work"

Music Licensing For Fitness


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All The Music You Need.

EDM and dance pop for HIIT, chillhop for yoga, hip hop for boxing, and so much more. Whatever the class, we've got the genres covered. Our diverse catalog with music from all over the world gives your instructors everything they need to express their brand and power their regimen.

"SyncFloor was very helpful and supportive during the process of our latest VOD shoot.  We needed access to music that was enjoyable for our trainers and clients and they definitely delivered! They were there for us every step of the way."

Erin Livingston

Trainer, Content & Ops Associate at Physique 57

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

We’ve created an affordable way to license great commercial music for fitness content by developing a micro-licensing model for both live and on-demand fitness content. Zero commitment. Monthly billing. All prices shown in USD.



Per track usage.   Per track, per class


License Fee


Platform Fee


Total Fee



Per track usage.   Per viewer




Subscription Pricing

Our brand new subscription offering provides you with a cost-effective and easy model for licensing commercial music into your content. Pricing is calculated on a sliding scale based on your projected content output.



License Fee

Platform Fee

Total Fee